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French lessons in Toronto at On Site Languages (OSL) are tailored to your unique professional and personal language requirements. We are located in Downtown Toronto and serve clients in the greater Toronto Area or in other parts of the country via online services.

In an increasingly competitive environment, many companies have realized the many benefits of having a bilingual workforce. Unfortunately, pressures of work and reduced staffing levels often make it impossible for employees to attend traditional language programs. To overcome this problem and extend the benefits of a second language, OSL has developed a unique language training program. Rather than using a generic approach, we focus on customized programs that consider the proficiency of each student and on gaining relevant business terminology that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

For over 23 years, we have been serving the language training needs of major corporations in Ontario, leading finance houses, government agencies and top professional firms.

Whatever your job, your language, or your skill level, we can customize a program for you to ensure that you make maximum progress in the shortest possible time.

On Site Languages is accredited by Human Resources Development Canada and we have been awarded by the Provincial government.

Pierre Gilbert
Language Coach - On Site Languages

Office: 416-960-8764
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